Monday, 18 February 2013

The price of prostitution

The other week, Julie alerted me to a bizarre little story in our local paper. Apparently, one of the care homes in our town, was reported to be allowing prostitutes in to... erm... allow the elderly gents some relief.

Wilfred Bramble as old man Steptoe.
(if you don't know Steptoe & Son, you should do)

It seems that the council-run Chasely home gets the ladies of the night in to service the ex-servicemen. It's a surprising story on many levels, not the least that it appears that the council is footing the bill for this. One thing I do know - after this, the waiting list is going to be hideously long. I wonder how many applicants will once again be lying about their age to enlist...

Julie, naturally enough, had her own questions. Given her understandably different viewpoint, she felt the need to ask questions about the prostitutes themselves.

Heh - nice one, love.
For more information on this story, read here.