Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Reverse the review. Or is it reviewing the reverse?

Out for a walk recently, we decided to have a little variety in our lives and take a little diversion to the norm. Considering we have the sea to one side, it limits the options a little, but if you approach things in differently, it can help you to have a new outlook on where you live.
Or, as Julie put it....

When Julie comes out with her Gems these days, I tend to have one of two reactions. The first, most common one is to laugh and reach for my pen and notepad. The second is to stop dead, mouth open and tilt my head to one side while I try and re-boot my brain after a fatal systems error.
Guess which one happened this time?
Admittedly, it doesn't look so bad written down, but hearing it come out of the blue is something else entirely. I'm just glad my brain had managed to save it before the crash...