Friday, 28 October 2011

Surely a Titanic tin of dog meat?

Fabulous Friday to you all!

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, the one I shall now plug with a final Trivial Pursuit-related Gem. Since this is technically 'Julie's Gems', I thought it best to return the spotlight to my darling wife. I had to choose between two Gems today, because there were two questions which Julie answered in her own inimitable style. The other may be posted tomorrow as a Saturday bonus... if the fancy takes you that way, that is.
Back to today. Here, I'm asking the question of Mum or Dad (I can't quite remember which), but Julie buts in with her own answer. To be honest, it's much better than the one on the card...

(a little note for our international friends; In case you didn't know, Pedigree Chum is a popular brand of dog food over here in Britain. Unfortunately, things change and it seems the company had the temerity to streamline their name to the mono-worded 'Pedigree'. Boo, hiss etc etc. There's a pic of one of the original cans below as proof.)

ps... the real answer, as you probably know, was 'Icebergs'.