Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Slightly unsightly kitty-cats.

Today is a guest spot courtesy of the youngest daughter of one of my friends - you haven't met this young lady before, but I'm wondering if today is an indication of Gems to come...

Most of us have visited an optician in the last year or so. Isn't it amazing how the test seems to incorporate another new aspect, either some new, dazzling gadget or something that will cause you great discomfort (I'm sure there is no real need for those damn puffs of air, despite what that berk in the lab coat says...). For children, the test is set up a little differently. After all, the average child can't be expected to sit still for ages and put up with the indignities that we adults have been used to since we started working. Even the eye chart is more interesting. All we get are some random letters that decrease in size to eye-wateringly small lines. No, our darling kiddies get this instead.

Isn't that a lot more interesting? If you think I'm making this up, take a look at this optician's site.
Even more interesting - entertaining, even - is the following exchange between the optician and my friend's youngest daughter.

Well, yes. That would do it.