Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The illegible type

So we had our friend around to visit, which was lovely. Pierre, however, had never experienced Julie in full-on Gem mode in person. Also, he found out first-hand just why there are bits of paper scattered around the place - because you just never know when a Gem will occur.
Naturally enough, since there is no way you can suppress a talent like Julie's for very long, our German friend did find himself wondering if it was a problem with his understanding of English, or if logic had indeed done a bunk and left the conversation.

Me? I was scrabbling for one of those handy bits of paper, and reassuring Pierre that his commendable grasp of our language hadn't slipped, I hastily scribbled down what Julie had said.
As I have said before, there are often occasions when I will be writing a Gem down, but Julie will use that little gap in the conversation to come up with yet another Gem. Sometimes, it gets so that I'm struggling to keep up.
Fortunately, it wasn't that bad this time - only one more Gem was produced. But, boy, was it a belter...