Monday, 8 July 2013

Gettin' deep-down with the doggies.

By gods, it was hot today. Julie and me were walking along the promenade and were definitely feeling the need for a drink. Even at six in the evening, it was sweat-inducingly warm. After a little while, we reached a restaurant/bar and ordered ourselves some tea. Because we're English, don't you know.

We sat outside on the veranda, enjoying the shade and the breeze and watched the world go by. There was an excitable dog with glorious golden fur we were both watching as it joyously greeted everyone that passed by. As we did so, though, there was a gruff barking from a couple of tables away. However, try as I might, i just could not find the dog responsible. In fact, all I could see apart from the golden dog was a long-haired dachshund.

A handsome chappie, certainly, but far too small to be responsible for the deep bark we'd heard. How wrong I was. Julie knew already, since it was in her line of sight, but I had to wait for it to bark again before I would believe it. Julie had an explanation for the dog's low vocal tone...

Facepalm time.