Friday, 2 August 2013

Right is wrong, Left is right

On our recent visit to my mother, we found ourselves feeling a tad peckish between meals. Fortunately, Julie had planned for such an eventuality, and delved into a bagful of bits to snack on. Pulling out a pack of Smartie cake bars, she passed one over to me.

As I was unwrapping mine, however, I heard Julie make a small noise of annoyance. As I asked what was wrong, Julie stood and began to look around the floor. I realised immediately what had happened; one of the smarties (candy-coated bits of chocolate, similar to the plain m&m) had fallen off her cake and onto the floor.

IMPORTANT BIT - If you own a dog or like to feed dogs, please note that chocolate is highly poisonous for dogs.

With that in mind, we both started searching for the errant sweetie before Toby, my mum's Jack Russell terrier could beat us to it. Fortunately, it was bright yellow and I spotted it almost immediately. Since Julie was closer to it, though, it was easier for me to guide her to it than to get in her way.

Bearing in mind that we were both facing the same way, I had to think for a moment whether that did make any sense or not.