Friday, 11 October 2013

Padding out the truth

I enjoy having a shower. We don't have a shower, but when we are anywhere that has a nice, powerful shower, expect me to only leave it when I am good and pruned. Put it another way; this is the kind of expression I have on my face when I'm enjoying a shower.

The closest I'll ever get to inner peace.
As I said, anywhere with a good shower is a good place for me to stay. And if that shower happens to be in a decent-sized cubicle (as opposed to a clinging curtain around a bath), then I am especially chuffed.

Once, Julie and myself were away for a night or two, so we stopped in a motel or similar. I noticed right away that there was a shower meeting almost all of my requirements for a nice, long soak. The only trouble with showers is that you have to stand up. If someone were to put something for me to sit on while I am under the shower head, then you would probably have to drag me out. With that in mind, I mentioned my need for shower seating to Julie.
Silly me.

I never did ask  for that seat...