Monday, 30 July 2012

Nuttiness is ungrounded.

Or not. I'm not entirely sure, to be honest.
You see, today we're celebrating a return to posting with a journey into Britain's legal past. We have a long and... glorious... history of legal matters in this country, some of it less comprehensible than others. I have in my own personal library a few books that revel in the dotty things we have managed to do and come up with in years gone by, but there are a couple of books I do like to return to now and then. One of which is The Return of Heroic Failures, a compilation of less-than-salubrious foul-ups from Britain and the world.

I have already featured a tale from this tome, regarding the sorriest fleet of submarines ever to (dis)grace the seas over on Sikkdays* some time ago. Now, I want to introduce what is quite possibly the most baffling piece of legislation the legal world has ever seen (in so few words, at any rate).
In 1972, it was decided that we really, really needed to know how to define a peanut - aka a ground nut. Hence the Ground Nuts Order.

Well, that's cleared that up. And to think we moan about the crap that the greysuits in Brussels come up with...

* Whaddya mean you've never heard of Sikkdays? Go and have a look - it's the property of a friend of mine, but he graciously allows me to post odd things every now and then.