Friday, 1 February 2013

Bog-standard listing

I love animals.
Well, apart from cats.
Unfortunately, a combination of lack of money, time to give the pet and our tenancy agreement's 'no-pets' clause means our house is animal-free.

Having spent some time recently with my mother and her Jack Russell, Toby, my desire for a permanent (non-human) companion has increased dramatically. It didn't help that a recent walk along the seafront in a rare day of dry winter sun featured a veritable horde of people - and their dogs. A lot were horrible mop-alikes with teeth, but there were enough of the sort that trigger my 'd'awwww' button.
After a while, and making sure there was nobody in earshot, I wailed out my desire to Julie.

OK. Forget the dogs. What on earth did that mean? Surely my wishlist isn't that full of shitty ideas?
No - it seems that Julie was imagining writing out the list on toilet paper, unravelling the roll as we add more desires to the list.
Now there's an image for you.