Monday, 4 February 2013

Deep doors

Generally, the main theme of this blog is one of gentle laughter at my wife's funny ways of discussing whatever happens to be on her mind. That's not to say, however, that she isn't capable of other 'mental settings'. Check, for instance, those posts I have tagged as 'zingers', 'win' and - just to prove that I'm not perfect - those labelled 'Spike's Slips'.
Not everything has to be about being witty, scathing or simply dappy, though. Julie and me do like to have sensible conversations, intelligent arguments and heartfelt discussions. Admittedly, they do often end up taking a verbal stumble, but the point remains that we do try our best.

Take yesterday. Sunday afternoon, sat in armchairs and reading. Occasionally looking out at the grotty weather and drinking tea. Julie put her book down and, putting her head to one side slightly, stared into space. After a moment, I asked her what she was thinking about...

That one deserved a smile and a hug.