Friday, 8 March 2013

Drawing a blank

You may have noticed that Julie can go through something of a spate of Gems. And then there will be times when she is almost silent. This is not to say that Julie says nothing on these occasions, just that anything she utters is utterly unremarkable and fairly sensible.

We're not interested in that, though, are we?

At the other end of the scale, many Gems are wasted simply because of the rate they stumble from Julie's mouth. I will be frantically scribbling in some kind of spastic shorthand, usually trying to shelter the notepad from wind and/or rain. Julie, in the meantime, will be stood to one side, trying to rein herself in and to explain herself. Obviously, the two activities are at odds with each other, and the conflict inevitably results in yet more Gems.
All while I am still trying to jot down the previous ones.

You know what the sad thing is? Usually, the stuff that Julie comes up with is solid gold and miles better than the scrawl meandering across the notepaper. Unfortunately, by the time I finish with the first Gem, my brain has let me down and I can't remember the slightest detail about The Golden One.

Just occasionally, though, the situation is reversed; I will be busy scribbling, but on top of things. And Julie will be the one with the memory problems. Sort of. Except she tries to blame it on me.