Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Boiling up a batch of bafflement.

Fancy a cuppa? Me too. Let's put the kettle on.

(pinched from here

Yes, very funny. I'm sure everyone has done that at some point to show how side-splittingly funny they are. Then they get bored and wander off to play with their crayons.

One day, I had to go into town for some reason or another. It was something of a miserable day; grey, drizzly and everyone seemed to have been created solely for the purpose of getting in my way and pissing me off. It's no surprise, then to hear that I was really rather glad to be getting home. 

It's at time's like this that Julie shows a truly remarkable talent for precognition. Granted, our front room has a bay window and looks out onto the street, but Julie always seems to know of my imminent arrival even before I could be seen trudging up the road. A short while before I get home, Julie will have made herself a drink, leaving enough water in the kettle for another generously filled mug.

Obviously, since Julie's drink will have been made some time before key meets lock, the water in the kettle will not be as warm as it could be. Or, as Julie put it,