Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Breaking up with broccoli

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the director of the James Bond films.

If there is a major difference between me and Julie, it's with food. While I'm not a vegetarian (I enjoy meaty foods too much), I do like vegetables - mostly. There are a number of exceptions - parsnips, Brussel sprouts, celery... the list is lengthy.
Julie, on the other hand, knows a few fruit and veg and sticks to them. Sometimes it's because she hasn't tried them and doesn't want to - maybe it's the way they look... quite.

However, there is one vegetable that definitely shows a split in opinions. It's my favourite and one Julie knows she doesn't like. It's also something that was on the menu when I visited my mum recently, as I told my wife when I called her.

Wow. Way to put me off my food, love...