Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Clop 'n' drop

You may have gathered from previous posts that Julie and myself are rather sentimental when it comes to animals. Usually mammalian creatures, but there you go. In fact we are quite unabashed in our child-like delight in the cute and the fuzzy. Julie has often said of me that if she can't find where I am in a crowd, then all she needs to do is look for the nearest dog.

And she's right.


See? I told you we were child-like. Also possibly childish.

If we're out for a drive though, Julie will call out the various farm animals she happens to spot. Sometimes she gets it wrong, which is funny, sometimes, she will claim they're a different beast, posing incognito. However, considering the amount of stables and country parks around here, it's no surprise that there will be a lot of horses.

Keep your racehorses. THAT'S a beautiful beast. However, when Julie spots a horse, her reaction is usually to paraphrase a child's ditty...