Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Washed up & wrangling

We're back folks! Thanks for being patient while our technical difficulties were being sorted out.


It has been a fairly pleasant summer this year and this means that everyone and his dog - usually literally - has decided at one point or another to hit the coast for a few days. Nevertheless, Julie and myself have had the inclination to have a wander along the promenade and enjoy the sights - ie, people watching.

That said, since the weather has been kind this year, we have had the chance to enjoy some lovely plants and flowers along the pathways. In particular, Eastbourne is famed for its 'carpet gardens' (so called, because the precise layout of the plants and flowers are reminiscent of the geometrically-patterned rugs of Persian fame).

However, for the purposes of this Gem, we are more concerned with the border & rockery plants. Lots of exotic-looking blooms, scrubby, tenacious plants - and various species of shrubbery.*

In places, these shrubs can be fairly dense, which is perfect for the flocks of smaller birds. They  get somewhere to roost and hide from the aggressive gulls - and it usually means they can dash out, grab a morsel to eat and dash back in again.

Unfortunately, space is something of a premium, so there tends to be a large amount of bickering coming from the shrubbery.*

Interesting - those shrubs must be more spacious than I first thought...