Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Fingertips part 1. And part 2, too.

OK, so you've been reading for a while now and you've got the hang of how things can be a little different on Planet Julie. In the normal run of things, she'll come up with a gem anyway. With a game of Trivial Pursuit, it's wise to keep a pad handy for anything she may say.

So, what do you think the addition of alcohol is going to achieve? Well, something quite like the following gem, to be perfectly honest. Out of nowhere, in the middle of a natural silence and in something of a dreamy of tone of voice, Julie says....

This is partway through her ONLY glass of wine, folks. As if that wasn't good enough, we were discussing the above comment a few days later. After having a laugh about it, Julie turned to me and, in all seriousness, said;

"That's nice de... wait, what? BENEATH your feet? Are you from feudal China or something?"