Monday, 9 April 2012

Blame it on the NFCS

Times are hard. People are losing jobs, businesses are closing down and 99% of the people in the 1st world are feeling the pinch. I currently have a full-time job, crappy though it is, but Julie, after more than ten years of working for the same organisation, has had her hours cut substantially. We don't own, but rent our house, so to keep our ability to pay the bills, Julie has spent a long while searching for either a full-time job, or a second one at part time, just to keep us afloat.
Before Christmas, the hospital had offered her a job, depending on whether the CRB check showed up clear - it did. Eventually. In March.
So, yes, Julie now has two jobs, one of which means she is dealing with sick and confused people, and the other is at the hospital (ba-boom tish!). However, allow me to allay your fears. Julie is not going to be a nurse, although she can blanket bathe me any time :-p. No, Julie is instead one of those nice people who takes around your food and cups of tea. The fact that said food is often inedible is besides the point. It's cooked twenty miles away and ferried to Julie for her to dish out.
Despite my earlier crack at her colleagues in her first job, Julie obviously meet some folk at the hospital who are elderly or otherwise addled by medication. Despite an initial reluctance (read 'fear') in dealing with these unfortunate souls, Julie has since managed to prove herself quite able to communicate them, although there are still moments where Julie is flummoxed. Usually by the sudden (if unintentional) appearance of pensioner body parts...
This week, I intend to post Gems resulting from Julie's time at the hospital. From what I can recall, none involve patients, so there's no mockery that way.
For our first hospital Gem, we go all the way back to deep midwinter, when we were waiting on news of the background check. It was dragging out  somewhat, and somewhat disheartening. All the while, Julie continued to look for other jobs, just in case the hospital one fell through. The thing is, there's a bit of a running joke in this country on the speed of our National Health Service. However, since we're essentially getting our treatment, along with bed and board, should it be necessary, then I won't complain. Too much.
Julie, on the other hand, felt no such inhibition...

Well, there's only one possible reaction to that.