Monday, 16 April 2012

If you're Mental as Anything, you may like this

Julie and myself may have our difference, plenty of them, in fact. However, we get by despite them, and sometimes we even celebrate them. One area of our life together where we come together is our appreciation of music. Then again, it's also where we tend to have some of our greatest differences. Julie likes the danceable poppy stuff, like Steps or S Club 7, although currently, her favourite band is Bucks Fizz (most famous for winning the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest). In previous, more hormone-driven times, the bands du jour were The Osmonds and obscure boy band, Child.
In the meantime, I listen to... well, almost anything and everything. I checked my external hard drive earlier and discovered I had 182GB worth of music on there. Enough to keep my ears busy for over three and a half months.
Oy vey.
Inevitably, there is going to be some overlap with our respective tastes, but I'll guarantee it won't be the likes of Rodrigo Y Gabriella, N.W.A. or Kraftwerk. No, when it comes to mutual musical tastes, it will be things like Madness (which is good), The Sweet, Scissor Sisters and a whole host of near one-hit wonders from the 1970s and 1980s.
All of which brings us to a track that was played on the radio recently, 'Live it Up' by Australian band Mental as Anything.

It's a good track, one I first came across in a 'rock' compilation album.* And that's it. I've played that album loads of times since then, but I had never heard the track in any other context until the other day. I mentioned this to Julie, that hoarder of 7" singles (he proclaimed somewhat hypocritically). Out of that innocent remark sprang this little exchange.

After all that, it would be rather remiss of me to avoid posting the video now, wouldn't it? Here you go.


* You know the kind of rock album I mean. Nothing heavier than a bit of Meatloaf and averaging out at Status Quo's cover of 'The Wanderer'. And featuring some Sad Cafe, for some weird reason.