Friday, 27 April 2012

World Book Night 2012. Boy, do I have a video for you. Finally.

There have been a few trials and tantrums along the way, but we finally have managed to produce a video for you to watch.
Talking of watches, you'll see in the clip that we have yet another prize for one lucky person. In addition to the copy of Good Omens that all five people will be receiving, one especially lucky person will receive a copy of the excellent 'The Time-Traveler's Wife' by Audrey Niffenegger AND... well... just you wait and see - all will be explained. And demonstrated.

World Book Night 2012. Boy, do I have Good Omens for you. from Spike Matthews on Vimeo.

Well, there you go! Our generosity knows no limits, does it? So, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Pah - it's going to come early for one lucky lad or lady. Just send an email to us at
Oh, and if you think that having a copy of Good Omens disqualifies you from entering, may I remind you of two things. Firstly, there are some extra features that your copy will not have; interviews and a snippet from a book the authors recommend. Then, too, the whole idea about World Book Night is to share your tastes, so you are actively encouraged to pass the book on for somebody else to discover and - hopefully - enjoy.

Don't forget, the closing date for entries is a week Sunday, which isn't really that long, is it?
Tata and good luck to everyone.!