Friday, 17 May 2013

Fancy some crispy soap?

Well, it's Friday - fancy going for a celebratory drink? Or would you rather we got in some beer and wine and settled down to watch a film or play a shambolic game of Trivial Pursuit?
Oh, hang on - we can't have the booze without having some nibbles, can we?

Banana chips, mixed nuts and chilli corn chips.
Damn... I'm hungry now...

Oh... you want something a bit more traditional, you say? Pork scratchings? Dry roasted peanuts? Or do you just want some crisps?*

Mm. OK, you can have those. I'll stick with normal crisps, if ye don't mind. You know, slice the potatoes, fry and season them, that's it. Don't make them from bits of spud that keep falling apart and have to be squashed together. Having said that, Julie likes Pringles, especially as a snack to go with her favoured tipple...