Monday, 6 May 2013

The ballad of the runaway Gem

'Twas a gloomy day, in a wintry Spring
When our lad Spike did a foolish thing.
There was a matter upon his mind,
The answer to which, he just could not find.

His wife, Julie, she had a knack
Of making even the best of logic slack.
When she spoke of matters simple,
Poor Spike's brow began to wrinkle.

When fair Julie began a phrase,
Her mind and mouth would part their ways,
And listeners would then be caught
In a web of words, where sense was naught.

And when the truth was brought to light,
No man was sure that all was right.
For what was said, and what was not
Would confuse an unholy lot.

But poor Julie cannot be blamed
For phrases that couldn't be tamed.
Nor the fact that whatever was said
Was not, in fact, had been born inside her head.

Simplicity began, but instead was lost,
As Julie's mind took and tossed
A short phrase with words so few
into a rambling speech, a potent brew.

Soon after a Gem, her husband asked
"How can a remark be so sorely tasked?"
For a brief moment, nothing was said,
Then Julie replied, with a toss of her head.

So let that be a lesson, the moral is this;
Don't look for answers when logic is pissed.