Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The crabs are [getting] fresh.

Some time ago, on one of our visits up to visit family in Birmingham, it was decided that we would go to a Chinese restaurant. Now, I'm not a connoisseur or anything, but I and many others know that if you go to a Chinese restaurant and the place is full of Chinese people, then you know the food is going to be pretty good and at least somewhat authentic.

Set in the Nechellls part of Birmingham, there is in fact a whole Chinese shopping centre, which includes the said restaurant, a supermarket with all the ingredients needed for Chinese food (and more), plus several other apt businesses for the community. Surrounded by railings and gated, the shopping centre is even built to resemble a sort of stereotyped view of Chinese buildings - think pagodas and apply that to every unit in the retail centre.

Long story short, Wing Wah is a great place to eat, if you're ever in the area, and you can stock up on massive amounts of root ginger too in the Wing Yip supermarket.
Inside, the decor continues along the Oriental theme. However, since it is a restaurant, there are also a lot of items scattered around the place based on the general idea of 'food'.

One area was devoted to seafood, so there were various images of fish on the walls, along with a few fake or preserved crustaceans, starfish and the like.
However, Julie seemed to be distracted by one particular specimen...

Well, really! I knew it was a friendly atmosphere, but that's going too far!

Image courtesy of Piotr Motyka who doodled daily
up until 2012. Here's his blog, now moribund.