Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Platypuses. Now with inferiority complexes

Yes, it's the return of the Platyposts!
As if the poor beast wasn't enough of an outsider, eh? Restricted in their habitat to one of the less-welcoming islands in the world, an appearance that even the chimera-mad Victorians thought was too unbelievable and one of the incredibly small number of venomous mammals on this planet. Mind you, on Tasmania, venom, poison (yes, there is a difference) and simple aggression seem almost de rigueur.
On top of all that, they have Julie (and, I have to admit, plenty of others) to contend with. I mean, if the platypus didn't already have an identity crisis courtesy of its looks, then Julie somehow mistaking it for almost every other creature under the sun is really going to mess with its mind. Remember the conversation I had with her back in January? For those who want to stick with this page, here's the majority of our exchange.

(By the way, as Kevin, one of the winners in our recent
prize draw will know already, the above image
is the first official Julie's Gems bookmark)

Yeah. Still gets me every time, that one does.
And it gets worse. Not content with taxonomical confusion, Julie has now decided it's time to get personal.
I can't recall the original conversation, but we were looking at a series of pictures of baby animals and going through the obligatory 'oohs' and 'aahs'. And then we came to this one.

Considering the recent brou-ha-ha about platypuses, this picture tickled me. I especially loved the way their skin appears to be several sizes too large for them. Julie, however, was not impressed.

There's just no convincing some folk, is there? I nearly asked what she thought they could have been instead, but I've just finished my medication...