Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Blackpool has a secret...

If you're British, you will have heard of Blackpool. If nothing else, you will know if for one or two specific reasons; Blackpool Tower and Blackpool Illuminations, both of which can be seen below.

While vaguely reminiscent of Las Vegas (which it so badly would like to be), it is a tad more down-market than that famous city. Mostly, Blackpool is visited by the less affluent members of British society and now has a bit of a reputation for being the holiday destination for chavs and their extended families. Mostly so they can get absolutely hammered and not remember anything of the few days they stay in the town. Needless to say, it's not first on my list for places to go and relax for a long weekend.
There are a few other important details to remember about Blackpool. One is its population. For a seaside town and holiday resort in the North of England, Blackpool is BIG. I mean, while it still is not classed as a city by British standards, the population density is amazing. According to Wikipedia, there are currently 142,900 people living there, in an area which makes it the fourth most densely populated area in England and Wales.
For more information, read the Wiki.

Oh, yes; I nearly forgot. Another important thing to remember is that Blackpool is on the West coast of England. Isn't that right, Julie?

You mean, when did the 4th most densely populated town in England and Wales move itself brick-by-brick 150 miles across The Peak District (popularly known as The Spine of England - for good reason) to be a little closer to Ireland?
Oh, right.