Friday, 21 October 2011

Julie vs the telesales people.

You know them. The people who call at awkward times, initially claiming they don't want any money from you - but that they have a fantastic opportunity for you if you just sign away your souls...
Bugger off, will you? I've only just walked through the door. What I want is a nice hot cup of tea and a comfy chair with a little light music to help me out of my workplace-induced foul mood. What I've apparently got is you. Bugger off, will you?

If this is familiar to you, then today's Gem should warm the heart quite nicely. Like the example above, Julie had not long walked through the front door yesterday when the phone rang. She picked it up and said, "Hello?" only to hear a busy silence in return. This, as we know very well, is the sure sign of an unwelcome call-centre. Sure enough, there was a hurried clatter, and Julie was hailed by the unwelcome sound of an American telesales woman, keen on earning her bonus. Sorry dear, but you're not getting any bonuses from this house. In fact, all you're getting from Julie is a delightfully off-the-wall Gem to confuse the bejaysus out of you.

Let me clarify something here; right Julie's reply, there was a brief moment of wordless confusion. Followed by the click-burrrr as the freshly baffled telesales woman ended the call.
I don't know about anyone else, but I reckon we should get Julie to run for some parliamentary position, if not make her President-for-life of the whole world.