Friday, 7 October 2011

Thank Frunchie it's Criday!

Apologies for the title - it's a spoonerism of a popular advertisement catchphrase - courtesy of Julie, naturally. However, it's not purely because today happens to be that glorious day (yes, it HAS been a rough week at work - could you tell?).

One day last week, Julie and me had been shopping and were crossing the car park, discussing whether to catch a bus or to walk. From the car park, we had a good view of the road and therefore of the bus that passed along it - accompanied by a choice oath from my beloved.
"Never mind," I said, "we didn't want that bus anyway. It was a double decker and they're usually the 51, the one that turns off partway down the road."
"The 55 is sometimes a double decker," Julie pointed out.

However, all this talk of double deckers gave me an idea for a quick joke. As you'll see, quick as I may have been, I was positively lethargic compared to Julie's reply.

You may notice I wasn't too upset by Julie's one-upping of me. As far as I am concerned it was a brilliant comeback, and far swifter in its conception than my original, terribly unsubtle gag.
We were talking about it a short while later, while waiting for a (different) bus...

Gah! She did it again!!


An apology
It occurs to me that this may be a rather Brit-centric joke, so in the interest of international understanding, here is a picture of some of the chocolate bars made by Cadbury.

Hopefully, in that stack, you can see the bars Flake, Wispa and - of course - Double Decker.