Monday, 31 October 2011

Fancy a canapé? It's low-alcohol, you know.

Everyone generally has a favoured tipple - even if it's only a particularly sweet fruit juice, a piping hot cuppa or an ice-cold glass of water. Generally, I will drink tea., but I like to have, every now and then, a strong, smooth and dark ale. Julie, on the other hand, prefers a Coke but will sometimes treat herself to a bottle of wine. It's not usually drunk all in one evening, but that's just as well, since it doesn't take much to get her... squiffy, shall we say.
Of course, Julie doesn't generally need the excuse that alcohol provides for communicating a little less clearly than normal. If you find that hard to believe, then may I suggest you go and read the archives?
The other day, it seems as though Julie was pre-empting herself. Before even opening the bottle, my wife looked at the label and commented on the alcohol content...

To her credit, after she had said that, Julie did turn to me and add, "and that's before I've drunk any!"