Wednesday, 5 October 2011

It's not the cow that's mad.

Happy Half-way Day, folks! Two more days left to the weekend, and it's never seemed so far away... Ah well.

Julie's taking a break today. Instead, I have a Gem from a friend's mother. J's mum generally denies this ever happening, but it's one of those silly little things that has passed into family legend that is generally never as funny to people not in the know or there at the time (just don't ask me about apple strudel, OK?). This one is different - it's pretty damn hilarious despite not knowing J's mum or the precise details.
This is not to say I do not have any background for you.

It seems that, while at a country show, J, her mum and family were passing through the area set aside for cattle. They had passed a few breeds, when J's mother saw one she recognised. Although her criteria for breed identification seems to be somewhat on the shaky side...

Uh... yes. Because all the other ones looked like chickens and horses...

Apparently, J dropped back a few paces out of sheer embarrassment, while the farmer to whom the cow belonged simply stared at her mother in utter disbelief.
I wonder why?