Friday, 3 February 2012

A demonstrably inexplicable lack of thought

It's Friday once more, and I thought we'd lead you into the weekend with a double dose of bafflement.
There's not really much background to these Gems, especially since they could have taken place any time and anywhere. In fact, they often do. It's just they also happen when Julie is feeling especially reflective or rueful about her ability to produce Gems. Along the promenade, in a cafe or our front room, we've had similar conversations on many occasion. Mind you, on most of those occasions, I have been too confused to remember precisely what was said in order to write it down.
This time, Julie had been trying to get something across to me and it simply was not happening, possibly due to an overuse of the word 'wotnot' in place of various verbs, nouns and adjectives. As a reason for her failure, Julie offered this up;

I'll be honest here; if anyone can er.. explain this one to me, then I'll be truly grateful.
Then again, Julie did try to justify why she had said this and will continue to say more things like it.

Hear that? That's the sound of my brain reaching overload.
I think I'd better leave you to it and bid you a very good weekend - tata for now!