Monday, 27 February 2012

Snape approves: ExpelliaaAARRGGH!

I had a rough day on Saturday; each time I get a nasty cold I get a vicious little headache just as the cold is coming to an end. This means I wind up with a day of having the cold AND a near migraine experience. As it was, I wound up sleeping in an armchair that night, covered by a duvet. It was the only way I could be near comfortable.
Sunday morning, I was fine. A slight tightness of the head, but nothing I couldn't ignore.
Julie came into the lounge to see how I was, and wound up giving me a head rub. You know how cats and dogs go when they're on the throes of ecstasy? Well, that's me when Julie is giving my scalp a good massage. After that, all I ever want to do is flop down and drift off to sleep. Unfortunately, Julie was in 'Gem Mode', so I had to be (relatively) alert in order to catch as much as I can.
By the way, I used the qualifying 'relatively' just there, because I can remember the Gem itself, but not the situation that led up to it. We weren't watching Harry Potter, nor were we reading it. There's nothing visible in the room to bring it to mind, but Julie still managed to reference it in our conversation. Like I said, I had not long returned to the waking lands (plus Julie's head rub had relaxed me once more), I wasn't too coherent either. With that in mind, here's the whole Gemming conversation (barring a little coda).

We both agreed that it would have been highly entertaining and good ol' Harry just swanned up to Lord Voldemort and surprised him with a swift knee to the 'nads.

Shortly afterwards, I had stood up (so I could grab my pen and jot this Gem down). However, I still wasn't quite awake; I was stood there in a bit of a mental haze and a blank expression on my face. Julie was amused and asked me if I was alright.
You look like someone's just kicked you in the knackers.
Eh? Ye gods, no. This is the look of someone who's just been kicked in the knackers (folds up into a small, whimpering ball on the floor).
And with that, I shall bid you au revoir! See you next time!