Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Therapeutic broccoli

(There's a notion, eh?)

As much as Julie and myself have a lot in common, there are also many things where our opinions and tastes differ. For example, there is not much overlap in our musical likes. No mean feat, considering I enjoy listening to almost anything.
Another difference of opinion stems from food. While we agree on some things (for example, the pizza we're about to eat - as we watch classic Muppets shows), there are some things that one eats that the other finds repulsive. For the record, I'm the one that likes Marmite and Julie most definitely doesn't. Something else Julie doesn't do too well with is vegetables. I have to admit a lot of it comes from her upbringing, but Julie isn't very good at eating and enjoying veg. If they're there, then she might eat them - but she'll not cook them as a matter of course.
When I say she might eat the veg on her plate, I mean it. Don't put mushrooms there, or spinach - or broccoli. Me, I LOVE broccoli.

The situation now is that I'll eat it and Julie will cook it. Not in that order, though, quite obviously. Mind you, sometimes it could do with a bit longer in the pan or steamer. And other times, I need to use a spoon to eat the stuff. It's quite odd. Julie has cooked broccoli for me quite a number of times now, but she still hasn't got the knack of the right timing. Sometimes, it'll be cooked just right, but usually, it's either tough or mushy.
Julie tried to explain the problem to me:

Well, possibly.
Well, ta-ta for now and ma-nah ma-nah to you all!