Friday, 17 June 2011

Mental mashups

Every now and then, especially if we're trying to while away the time on a journey, Julie and myself will play alpha-categories. You probably know of it already, in some form or another. Essentially, you pick a category and then take turns in coming up with something in that category beginning with each successive letter until you reach 'Z' and - if you so wish - begin again.

We were in a cafe recently, waiting for our food to come. As it was busy, it was taking some time, so I kicked off a round of alpha-categories with the ultra-simple category of musical bands or artists. We're pretty hot on this topic, so the game rattled along quite well.. until the later stages, that is...

Don't you love the way Julie thought I was simply carrying on with the game?*

As it turned out, Julie was somehow getting mixed up with The Lambrettas and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Since the former were a mod band with a strong hint of Northern Soul running through them, we thought that The Vambrettas would be a particularly good mashup.
It's a pity, then, that I can't find one. However, have a couple of clips on me.
The first is The Lambrettas. More famous for their cover of The Coaster's hit 'Poison Ivy', here's something I actually think is better.

And for a finale, here's a true Mashup, featuring Martha Reeves and The Vandellas, mixing it good with Peter Gabriel...

*This reminds me of an incident from my college years. I believe I may have to recount it and embarrass someone...