Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Gem in the hand is worth cash in the bank

As I have said before (and probably will do many more times in the future), a lot of the best Gems appear just as I'm writing the previous one down. This places me in the difficult position of making a snap decision - do I stick with the one I'm jotting down and run the risk of completely losing the new Gem, or do I find a fresh clear bit of paper, hastily scribble the new arrival and hope that I can piece together the previous one from that little I managed to record?
Believe me, it's often a difficult decision and I've lost many grade-A Gems by making the wrong choice.

Today's second Gem falls into the category of 'new arrival'. I can't recall the fate of the Gem this one interrupted, but it was worth keeping for the thoughtful debate it's inspired.

Hmm. It's just possible this Gem should be tagged/labelled as a Freudian Slip, you know. After I managed to get everything written down, me and Julie started talking about the possibility of making money from her little slips. After some discussion, we agreed that the only way would be to print some of them up as one of those little books that everyone seems to get for Christmas (and then either bins or gives to a charity shop).
Alternatively, especially with the rate Julie can chuck these things out, we could have a Gem-a-day calendar...

Any ideas, folks?

Tomorrow, for Frivolous Friday, mo' money, mo' death (oops).