Wednesday, 22 June 2011

She's one colour short of a roulette wheel.

It's been a while, so I thought we could treat you all to another Trivial Pursuit-inspired Gem. (for the others, check out 'Trivial Pursuit' in the labels section to the right.)
No preamble to this one, just dive right in and treat it like a cold lake. Once you're in, you won't have a problem and you'll come to enjoy it immensely.

I'll be honest, it was touch and go whether I used the 'facepalm' header for this one, considering how adamant Julie had been about her answer to my hint. However, I knew I was going to have to provide an explanation of sorts, so I ran with the T.P. one instead.
The explanation, for those of you about as familiar with the layout of a roulette wheel as my wife obviously appears to be, is that there are simply no white slots on the wheel. The colour green, however, does make an appearance - or two, if you're using an American wheel. Oh, and apologies to all those colour-blind folk out there. Green and Red? Not a good combination. Sorry.

What makes Julie's final comment a Gem is the juxtaposition of assuredness in the first part, only for it to turn into a fail at the last. Oh well.

p.s. - Remember that Gem about sausages? Well, as I said, they were pork with garden herbs and lemon. And I've just had the last of them in a sandwich with some wholegrain mustard. Rather yummy.