Friday, 24 June 2011

Stop making sense, stop making sense, stop making sense, making sense aha haha!

"As we get older, we stop making sense" - according to Talking Heads, anyway. Me, I want to know when some people start making sense (he said, thinking of a colleague in particular).

Julie, on the other hand, does make sense a lot of the time, although you would never know it from today's Gem.
You know it's bad news when you try to defend your verbal slips and only wind up digging yourself into a hole so deep it looks like you got a JCB to do the job for you. We've all done it and we've all been embarrassed or even mortified by it. However, you know by the sheer fact I'm typing this here that Julie goes several orders of muck-up further than we mere mortals.
Her reaction to it? She bursts into laughter, as entertained by the whole affair as I am - and now you are.

With that, we shall bid you 'au revoir' and have a nice weekend, folks - see you next week for more vandalised verbs and nonsensical nouns!

ps - thanks to Daisy, there's a little bonus non-Julie Gem over on the Gem Facebook page.