Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Red or blue, she'll thump you two.

A little explanation first, as I'm not too sure how international the choc bar and/or its ad campaign were. Have a video.

Well, it seems that the campaign has been brought back following a 20-year hiatus. Julie, being the TV addict she is, has seen the new (slightly PC'd) version a few times, and the tune has wormed its way into her head.
Have I mentioned Julie's aptness with lyrics and altering them to humorous effect? In public, yet?
I can never hope to write her versions down generally, but this one stood out in my memory...

For those who want to meet my wife, a word of warning: try not to have a drink in your mouth for too long when she's talking, because you're going to choke on it, like as not...

Tomorrow: Explanations and insanity. TTFN!