Monday, 29 August 2011

Dusty Springfield sang jazz, you know

Everyone has some inclination towards music, whether they have any ability or not. They like listening to it, going to concerts, singing along to the radio or even just idly humming the time away.
If nothing else, that is the one thing that connects us all; we'll find something to occupy a small, bored corner of our mind while we're working at some larger task

Take last Saturday. We were getting ready to go out and Julie walked into the hallway, half humming, half singing...

I am sure you can imagine it; I'm tying my bootlaces, when Julie's internal soundtrack suddenly becomes audible to the outside world.
Oh, and by the way, the word 'wotnot' features quite heavily in Julie's vocabulary. Usually, it's because her mouth can't be bothered to wait for the brain to supply the word she needs and simply inserts 'wotnot' instead. It can be quite entertaining, but when she's trying to give someone necessary details (such as directions while travelling), a 'wotnot' or two in the wrong place can be very off-putting...


That's it for today. As with last week, I am out on the road and can't guarantee being able to provide an update on Wednesday.