Friday, 19 August 2011

I always thought he looked a bit thin

Julie is, now and then, quite baffling. 
Then again, there are occasions where she's razor-sharp and more pointed than a sharpened pin. If nothing else, the previous post will have proved that more than adequately.
When we play Trivial Pursuit, there is a rough split of 60:40 in favour of 'baffling' over 'zinger' However, it does have to be admitted that the alleged zingers here are a result of Julie not knowing the answer and opting for a pithy put-down. The balance between the two states is fairly well established, but it's a fragile state; with the addition of some wine the ratio of 'baffling' to 'zinger' rockets to a heady 95:5.

Obviously, things are never as clear-cut as the figures I'm guesstimating make out. Many things can conspire to alter the state of play and the biggest such factor is sheer, bloody-minded chance. I mean, when you're playing a quiz game, wine has been imbibed and Julie is asked a question in a topic with which she is unfamiliar, you're going to be expecting something along the lines of 'baffling'. Or, at the very least, utterly incomprehensible. What you DON'T expect is an answer that melds all that is best in both 'zinger' and baffling'.

Seriously, I was expecting Julie's answer to have been rather rude, crude and definitely unfit for reproduction in this blog.