Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tibetan shit-flavoured tea??

I love tea. I also like to drink those infusions that people tend to call 'tea', despite the fact they don't consist of anything from the tea plant. Chamomile is an especial favourite. When it comes to the proper stuff though, you can't beat a cracking cup of normal tea - the sort usually referred  to as 'English Breakfast Tea'. I like it strong, with just a little milk to take the edge off it.* That said, there is a particular blend of tea of which I have a certain fondness. It's a strong flavour with a smokey hit to it.
I won't name the tea yet, just in case you can't think of the name right now.
What I will do, however, is turn to the subject of cheeses. Julie isn't a fan at all of cheese. She will have a little now and then, but otherwise, forget it. Me on the other hand - I love it and I can get away with it, because cheese tends to have a lower lactose content than milk. Again, I like flavours and when I was off on my travels, I met up with some friends in Ipswich and we went around and about looking various shops.
In one, I hit a jackpot of sorts. Not only did I manage to find Julie a birthday present, but I also got myself some smokey cheese.
Very smokey cheese.
Julie, when I showed it to her, was less than impressed.

Yes folks, Julie has managed to Gem the tea more commonly known as 'Lapsang Suchong'.

*Although I generally have to use soy milk as I have an intolerance for the real thing. I can cope with a little, but it's best avoided if I can help it.