Monday, 1 August 2011

Of elbows and ears

I would hope it's abundantly clear by now that I find Julie's little quirks highly entertaining.
This is true.
Once in a while though, there is a Gem that floors me, sometimes literally...

Recently, I have been suffering from what felt like blocked ears, even though there was nothing to be found. Julie has had this herself. It's an annoying condition known as 'glue ear'. An apt name, if ever there was. It feels all bunged up and everything sounds like it's coming via a swimming pool. It can take some time to shift, as Julie can confirm. Until the doctor told her what it was, she thought she'd just had a persistent head cold. One lasting for a few months.
So, when it seemed like I was starting to 'glue up' as I called it, I was not happy.
On Saturday, Julie and myself went into town, and I happened to mention how my ears were feeling - it must have rung bells* with Julie, because she immediately came up with this:

Well, I just fell about the place. Literally, Julie had to pull at my arm to stop me from wandering into the road as I had hysterics. I mean, how the hell can you get from ear to elbow, apart from the initial letter? Seriously, that's right up there with her Bullring/Doughnut classic...
It didn't help that Julie tried to justify it by saying that the tennis player could have accidentally elbowed himself in the ear....

Yes, dear.

* No, not tinnitus. Wrong bells.