Monday, 15 August 2011

Julie and the demon drink

It's a subject that has been raised in the past. Mostly in conjunction with the game Trivial Pursuit, it has to be said, but last night was something of an exception. Last night, I was on the computer, trying to do some real work for a change. After a while, and feeling frustrated with a lack of progress, I decided to check into Facebook and see what was going on.
Meanwhile, downstairs, Julie was busy becoming acquainted with a half-bottle of red wine, although the first I knew of this was when the exchanges on a particular comment thread suddenly took a turn for the tipply. What followed was 150 comments of varying sobriety and increasing incredulity and admiration.

No, I'm not going to reproduce any of it here.
How about this instead?

Long-time followers will of course spot the similarity between this and this very early classic - also produced via the magic of alcohol.
The thing is, I know there will be a few people out there who will feel cheated by the above post. After all, anyone could come out with something like that when they were three sheets to the wind, couldn't they? Well, maybe they could and maybe they couldn't. The 'fingers' comments, however, were produced with no prompting, apropos of nothing, in a rather dreamy fashion.
How about this one, then?

Now, THAT'S more like it.
Nope. I haven't got a clue either.