Wednesday, 4 January 2012

One of these things is/isn't/is like the other (huh?) - PART 2.

Every family - or, indeed, any group of people - has them. In-jokes. You know the ones; the merest hint of the punchline will cause a cheers and a laugh from other family members, but only confusion from outsiders. For example, when we're out, we may see a postbox and it's almost a race to to joyfully call out "Postbox!" first.
See what I mean? You're all sitting there thinking, "WTF? What's so funny about a postbox??" Well, as with every other in-joke, the answer is simply, 'you had to be there'.

One other example, and it's something of a family classic, dating back to when I was just a kid, is the 'Apple Strudel incident'.
I'll cut the story short - very short: When we were on a family holiday, I finally got around to asking my mother a question that had been bugging me for some time, "Mum - what's apple strudel?" For the next ten minutes or so, my mum set off on a rambling description of a foodstuff. Since I had no idea what a strudel was, she was trying to use a physical description. Every now and then, my mum paused, looked at me, and asked, "You have that [pictured in your head]?" and waited for me to nod before continuing.
Eventually, she finished describing this foodstuff and I had it crystal clear in my head what she had been trying to get across. Unfortunately, she ended all this with, "You've got that in your head, yes?" nod "Well, it's nothing like that!"
Well, thanks, Mum.
Ever since then, any situation where we've tried to describe something and have failed miserably is met with a joyful cry of "Apple strudel!"
>ahem< I guess you had to be there.... (shuffles feet, all embarrassed).

OK - time to change the subject.
As you may have gathered from our Xmas message video, we have a fondness for hedgehogs and have collected a few 'hog-related nick-nacks and cuddly toys. We're usually on the look-out for a new one, but only if it's different from any of the hundred or so we already have, so when we're out and about, we'll often make scouting for hedgehogs our priority.
One day, Julie spotted one in a shop and called me over to have a look. Unfortunately, as I pointed out, it may have been very cute, but we had one that was very similar to it. Julie objected, in her own inimitable fashion.

...yes dear.