Monday, 16 January 2012

A soupcon of soup and sun*

*Already, I have to admit to cheating a little with the title, all for the sake of a snappy tagline - read on for more details.
Oh yes, and while we're on the subject of cheating, judging by the viewing figures for my confessional bonus post yesterday, it would seem that a lot of you were expecting me to finally admit that I have been casting a great slur upon my wife's character and made up everything that I've posted.

So sorry to have disappointed you.

A few days ago, Julie was feeling hungry, but not hungry enough to be cooking a proper meal - and that's for the size as much as not being bothered with the hassle. After a brief rummage in the cupboard, she came out with a small microwaveable snack meal.

As you can see, it's most definitely NOT a soup.
In it went, and a short while later, PING! it was ready.
Julie must have been hungry, because, as I was putting some bread into the toaster, I heard her exclaim in pain.

That'll teach me to try and be sarcastic...