Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Scrabble: a kind of kindly killing.

There are two board games that Julie and myself particularly enjoy playing together. One, as you well know from various (often alcohol-fuelled) posts on here, is Trivial Pursuit. The other one is that paragon of word games, Scrabble. There have been a few Scrabble-related posts on here, but not as many, and most of those are thanks in part at the very least to my father. If you feel the need to refresh your memory on these, then you can look in the tag/label list somewhere in that column on the right for 'Scrabble', 'Dad', or 'Dad and Julie'. I especially recommend having a look at the latter, because when those two get together, it's almost like spoken jazz - and often as unfathomable...

Dad wasn't around for the most recent game, sadly, but Julie did rather well all on her own - I managed to get down several Gems, but had to let a few of the more rambling ones slip by. Not only that, but Julie also managed to get a score of 70 points on one go - and that's not through putting all her letters down. It was just a good word in a good place.
My apologies to those of you who do not play the game, but those who do will know that that score is a decent little result.
However, the game was not without its tense moments...

I wouldn't mind, but she has the nerve to say I'm competitive.