Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Bonus - Spike's confession.

Hi folks; hope you're having a nice weekend so far. The weather here is bright and a little chilly, but not nearly as cold as it was yesterday. I know time's effect have been felt more in recent years, but for me to have a three-layer day? Unthinkable!

Anyhow. I imagine there are a lot of you that feel I'm poking far too much fun at my poor wife, and that Julie doesn't deserve all the flack I'm giving her. Well, sometimes, that may be true, but for by and large the vast majority of the time, any attention that she draws is entirely deserved. Those who were caught up in her little display last night on Facebook will gladly (and with great glee) testify to Julie's awesome ability to pep up a conversation. Admittedly, we had been rolling along at a swift pace with many a silly comment and/or pun. But then Julie suddenly arrives with this.

Of course, when you just arrive out of the blue and come up with a complete non sequitur like that, people will carry on for a moment before their brain suddenly twigs what was said.

And then it snowballed from there... As threads go, that one was pretty damn epic.
Back to me. Like I said, many folks think I am essentially picking on Julie.
Then too, many of the same people wonder just how I can cope with being married to her (yes, they're the less-kind people).
Simple. I'm completely nuts myself. Witness this conversation between myself and an inno... er... relatively innocent young friend.

I should point out at this point, that my friend is a member of an archery club, and they frequently have meets where they have early-morning breakfast bonanzas, with roaring log fires in the forest and eat lots of bacon and/or sausage buns (or baps). Being a vegetarian (that eats eggs, go figure), Maddeh has a bap filled with eggs - hence the 'eggybap'.The 'shooting part should be obvious.
My twisted mind just took the odd word and took it places it shouldn't be allowed. For that, I apologise to Maddeh.