Friday, 1 July 2011

Money for nothing for money. Something like that, anyway.

Hey there! Still with us? It's been a busy week, all things considered. Even accounting for my unwelcome headache on Wednesday (and I still made good on my promise to you), you were treated to - or baffled by - a double dose of Gems every day this week. So glad I don't 'work' on the weekends, apart from harvesting the Gems in the first place. It's back to normal next week, however, with single posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Anyway, to the first of today's offerings from Julie and I have a confession to make. You see, I've jotted this down and set it up in its nice little frame, but I'm sitting here now and I can't shake this nagging feeling that this isn't really a Gem. Not in the true sense anyway.

In fact, Julie's 'Gem' may even be grammatically correct. The only thing wrong with it, if I look at it good and hard is I would have said " not..." as opposed to "...not to...". It's just that this one sailed out of the air and  hit me between the eyes. It just... feels wrong - does that make sense?
I mean, we all know what Julie's saying, it's just the delivery is not what it could be.
Or am I completely wrong here? Let me know in the comments....