Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Geography versus Geometry

I was thinking the other day that it had been quite some time since Julie had graced us with a geographically-themed Gem, so I had a little root through the mess of bits of paper accumulating on my desk. It wasn't too long before I happened upon a good one. Unfortunately, it wasn't good enough to stand on its own, so I had to keep on searching...
...aahhh, yes. That will do very nicely.

The problem with trying to get Julie's Gems down is establishing context. Seriously, simply trying to write things down as quickly as they're said is hard enough, let alone attempting to add illustrative detail.
I have absolutely no idea what we were doing or talking about, but I can hazard a strong guess that this beauty earned Julie The Look.
Now, where wa... oh yes - the partial Gem. This one I do remember. It was following one of Julie's little slips such as the one above that I was trying to sketch out the relative positions of various countries of the world.
It wasn't going well. Even with the help of an atlas.
Eventually, we gave it up as a bad job and Julie really hammered home the final nail with this comment.

Thank you and good night...


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