Monday, 11 July 2011

Trivial Pursuit Week II: Spartahorse

Happy Monday, folks - how was your weekend? Do you remember much (or any) of it? Can you remember far more than you really want to?
Or was it a nice quiet time in, sat around the table and playing games?
We didn't get to play any games ourselves this weekend, but I found some excellent Trivial Pursuit Gems mixed up in the stack of papers that is my filing system.
The category is entertainment. Shall I ask the question?

Um... no. No, it wasn't actually, love. The answer was King Kong. Even if you try to justify dates by claiming you were talking about the films, it still doesn't wash. 1933 vs. 1960.
What am I talking about? I'm trying to use logic again, aren't I? Gah...

Anyway, see you Wednesday for some bro-king thinking - and don't forget to enter the free contest!