Monday, 25 July 2011

Waterfools, numbers and nuts - oh my!

I't double-dose Monday! However, a word of caution; NSFW if your boss is a humourless, puritanical dick.

A good friend of mine was out and about the other day, enjoying the sun and sea air. Out on the sea was a tug performing a display of its high pressure water jets. Now, there's a very obvious reason for these water jets, but one that seems to have completely passed by one observer...

Apparently, this woman was being entirely serious and seemed to be about to go and suggest to the owner of the tug a function he already performed.
Shortly after this, a young lady decided she wanted an ice-cream and approached a van for such a purpose. Now, I don't know about other countries, but here in Britain, ice cream vans sell a certain popular item; soft ice-cream from a machine doled out onto a bland wafer-type cone and then a Flake is rather unceremoniously  prodded into the top of it all.

This combo is known for some bizarre reason as a '99' (don't ask me why, I have no idea - even the Wiki page isn't too clear on the whole thing). It's a singularly unappetising thing, but immensely popular - and I'll admit to not being immune to its charms on occasion. As was this next lady, who, it would appear, would not be able to list number skills on her CV...

My friend had to walk away at this point. It was either that or laugh in the woman's face...


Ok, so the free draw is now closed and the names have been gathered. I'm too tired and headachey to do the draw and video for it tonight, so expect it in the next couple of days (if you want to make a late entry to win a copy of the book, then nip in while you can!).